Banquet Menus


Our banquet menu is sophisticated and elegant. With 4 differnt options to choose from, you can easily balance the your needs without compromising quality.  Download Banquet Menu as PDF file

Lunch Menu

slider-21-1024x512Our lunch menu is diverse offering delicious treats for everyone’s taste.  We made our lunch menu affordable without compromising on quality. We use the same high-quality ingredients and care in preparation of our lunch entrees as we do with the rest of our menu. The restaurant’s enduring popularity is a testimony to our success with this approach. Download full Lunch menu in PDF

Dinner Menu

slider-21-1024x512We are known for the culinary sophistication of our dinner menu. Each dish is individually prepared from the highest quality and freshest ingredients.  It’s the fine balance of sophisticated atmosphere and elegant dining that brings new and regular customers back to Galaxy. Download full dinner menu in PDF.