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Increase The Rice Fields The Most Cultivated Is The Tondo

Increase The Rice Fields The Most Cultivated Is The Tondo

They are rice varieties belonging to the Tondo group the most used in Italy in the production year just ended. The area sown with Selenium, Ducato and Ceres in 2016, according to data collected by Ente Nazionale Risi, totaled 70,786 on a total of 234,134 hectares planted with rice; to follow the varieties belonging to the group ‘Lotus – Aries (such as Leonardo, Dart Luna CL) used in 34,335 hectares, the group Arborio spread on 21,161 hectares of rice fields, and the Carnaroli group sown on an area of ??20,925 hectares. In the province of Vercelli, which together with Novara and Biella holds 51% of the rice produced in Italy (about 120,000 hectares of land), the variety of the most used Tondo was the Sole CL ‘, with 8837 hectares; the second most used varieties of seeds was the Centaur (7407 hectares), the third is the Selenium (2020 hectares). The same applies in the province of Pavia, where dominates the scene is the Sun CL (11,857), then the variety Selenium (10311 hectares) and Centaur (3025).

In the national production year just ended, the area planted to rice in Italy has increased by about seven thousand hectares (in the 20152016 campaign were 227,329). Because the group Tondo, this year, was the most widespread in Italy Why are the varieties that the market sell more – says the president of Ente Nazionale Risi, Paolo Carra -; in 2015 the Tondo had attractive prices, so farmers are oriented on those products’.

Agrinsieme Confirm the vouchers, in the camps there are no abuses

The voucher is valid instrument emergence aid of undeclared work and difficult manipulation in this sense, its use must be confirmed. Being aimed at non-professional and reduced amounts categories, it is unlikely that it abuses in agriculture, given that the beneficiaries may be only pensioners and young students,

Word of Giorgio Mercuri, the president of the Alliance of agri-food cooperatives which now has become the Agrinsieme coordinator, the association of which also belong CIA, Confagricoltura, Copagri. According to Mercuri, however, where the farm has other needs, far more serious, from the need for a flexible structured for all those types of activities that do not require specialization but which are indispensable seen the unavoidable cyclical nature of agricultural production . From his point of view, this is the largest collection campaigns and the need to obtain regulatory and administrative instruments enabling the intensive use of labor, in a very short amount of time and often can not be programmed. ‘