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Holidays In September, The Most Beautiful Places To Relax

Holidays In September, The Most Beautiful Places To Relax

You have opted for the holidays in September You have done very well. Here are the most beautiful places to relax in peace and enjoying the scenery, the air and the well-deserved rest september.

Making the holidays in September is becoming the choice of a growing number of people and the reasons are many by the costs of services that go down to the reorganization of traffic and red dots on the roads http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, without forgetting the smaller dose of stress related to the holidays and the return .

Of course, wait until September to make the long-awaited holiday is not easy but well worth it! What are the goals to favor in September to relax

Apparently there is really spoiled for choice and, of course, everything depends on the type of holiday sought couples, families with kids, couples or groups of friends, to each their own needs.

Do this kind of examination before leaving will allow you to make a September holiday of pure relaxation. If you need advice more, banned smartphone and tablet this is really relaxing!

Now we start with the goals

European capitals are beautiful in autumn even more than in summer because less chaotic and crowded. However, if you stay in Italy, you will have to choose between sea and mountains. But, in reality, our country, perfect for the indecisive, is one of the places in the world that often allows you to enjoy the beauty of the mountain and the sea together. And ‘the case of Calabria, Basilicata and also of Abruzzo and Marche, ideal destinations for its beautiful beaches and mountain ranges to be discovered. An example Pollino, near the sea of ??Tropea and Policoro. Must-see Matera in Basilicata, the European capital of culture in 2015.

But in Italy there are also many free spas such as those of Saturnia and Bormio here so that you really relaxes. Various coupon sites like Groupon or Groupalia will help in choosing, while Advisor will give you a hand to restaurants, vacation homes and places to visit absolutely.

Also for those who love nature but it is not beach-addicted, Provence is really relaxing. There are also the famous castles of the Loire and the nature trails offered by travel WWF for September.

Obviously for those who love the islands, in order of appearance we Greece, Sardinia, the Aeolian Islands, Tremiti Islands, Corsica, Malta, Procida and more.

Finally, families with babies really have a great opportunity to relax you should definitely take advantage the family hotel. Among them, we point out the Hotel Baltic Giulianova, as the services top notch!