Fast water damage restoration atlanta –┬áIf there is an element that can be considered the great forgotten when it comes to decorating homes, that is the ceiling. Usually we consider it more a support for lamps, ceiling or recessed halogen than as a susceptible to decorate like a wall space.

And however we can consider the ceiling exactly like that: one wall more. A broad surface, flat and Virgin which, unlike the floors and walls, will not find any visual obstacle (or carpets that cover it, or chimneys or frames partially covering it), so what they choose may be levied in all its glory.

Choose the roof as focus is an option to decorate houses tremendously shocking and gives the rooms a touch of design that you don’t get with a smooth ceiling. Therefore, if we choose to decorate the roof is clearly felt, will have to forget about furnish stay charged or powerful pieces in themselves, since ceiling and floor would compete among themselves to capture the view of the human eye and the effect would be lost (in addition to drive him crazy;-).

Ceiling options to choose from when it comes to decorate houses there are many:
  • The most simple and economic will be to paint it in a tone that contrast with the rest: well in a vivid color (Fuchsia, blue, orange) if the rest are neutral tones or a dark (usually black) to give elegance.
  • With a little more budget, but also very economical as a resource concratar to decorate the roof by placing a wallpaper. Depending on the model chosen, we will achieve a stunning roof without compromising the Pocket. You can even choose to combine both options: choose a wallpaper textured those that allow you to paint over thecolor that like to customize it.
  • As we are increasing the budget closer to other decorative design options: works inplaster, for example, give much play, and can create a specifically indicated moldings tailored design for your space. Rosettes for lighting, square or rectangular panels,arabesque designs and all the options that the imagination allows you to can also be made.
  • Plasterboard is of course another great ally: layers of ceiling at different heights, curved designs that hide indirect lighting, slots that we can paint another color… All this is possible with this material.
  • The wood is also very decorative choice: lamas wide fine, together or separate, withbeams in their natural state or painted, all the options are interesting and will give you a plus of warmth to the room.
  • Finally, there are many other possible options, such as mirrors, carved or aged, designs in forging, metal or wires, works in DM and of course, all the iluminativas options that happen to us (from hang different decorative lamps up to play with the roof for example creating illuminated partitions).

    Here are a few ideas to decorate houses and putting the focus on the roof for your inspiration.